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The Soulmate Relationship


Bruce Kettler writes:
If you are not already in a meaningful relationship, why not explore the soulmate perspective? Examine this with an understanding that there is a reason for everything you do, everyone you meet, and the mate you connect with.

Look at it from a synchronistic perspective. Look into Astrology. Check with information from Kathryn Alice on the subject of soul mates.

What of free will, and destiny?  People can go against their destined path because of their free will.

Often enough, what seems like destiny is just self destructive behavior, and that should be discarded.

People want things at different levels of their being.  At the deepest level, they want what brings spiritual growth to themselves and to others. What many want, at the deepest levels of their being, is a SOUL mate, not a personality mate. Since sex takes place with one's soulmate at the level of the soul, you want a person who's body is attuned to yours, with whom you can be one with his/her spirit. True, sex takes place only part of a 24 hour day, but the spiritual oneness carries on throughout the days and nights.

Stephen Arroyo, in his book, Person To Person Astrology writes:

 ...sexual compatibility or incompatibility essentially emanates from the energy attunement of the individuals involved. Such a view is quite incomprehensible to the therapists and “researchers” who insist on viewing sex as primarily a mechanical function (although they do admit it has some emotional overtones). This depersonalization of sex, and the  accompanying separation of sex from the cosmic dance of life—which should be seen more as a religious experience than as a mechanistic experience—naturally leads to human beings who have sexual problems being treated in a mechanical way...

And, regarding the exclusivity of this type of compatibility, he writes:

...why does it often take decades to find even one person with whom you are especially compatible, if not for the complexity of the issues...
It takes a long time to find this exclusive combination because they have not mastered the law of attraction. With soulmates he/she will be at the same level of spiritual awareness that you are at.

Often enough, this BASIC level is achieved before physical birth, and has fine tuned somewhat during the lifetimes. Your life purpose, and that of your mate, will be the same, and that, often enough, will be to help bring peace and enlightenment to the people of the world.


Click here for the book, Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Kahlil Gibran:
But if in your fear, you would seek only love's peace, and love's pleasure, it is better for you to go out into the seasonless world, where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and you shall weep, but not all of your tears
You want the person who challenges your spiritual growth, and that may invoke tears. You want the one who mirrors you, and that may make you see parts of yourself that you may not like, but which heal through that knowing and recognition.

There will be tears, and there will be laughter, but if you run from the pain, you will become lifeless.

No, you will not find perfection in any situation. You can, however, find what is perfect for you and the other, what is fitting for you and the other, at your particular sequence of events in your life times.