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Feminism - A Mental Illness

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STUDY: Men choose internet porn over marriage for sex

The so-called "women's movement," brought to certain societies by the NEW WORLD ORDER, has caused men to give up on sick-in-the-head women.


Written by Bruce Kettler with excerpts from Henry Makow’s book

In this very short video, it is shown how ABSURD and SICK it is that a man believes his wife should have sex with other men. He supposedly would be SEXIST to not like it.

Feminism and Soulmates


Henry Makow's Website

Update July 23, 2015

Bruce Kettler writes:
A woman who wants equal rights with men is not necessarily a feminist. She is just a woman who wants to have equal opportunity with men in the professions, education, politics, etc. She is entitled to it, but feminist organizations are not necessary for that in the US.


Why is harmony between the sexes so important for World Peace?

It is because there is a war between the sexes in certain countries, which was propagated by those of the "New World Order" (NWO) (aka"elite")  as one of many of their methods to "divide and conquer."

Here are 4 examples of the conflicts the New World Order (NWO) has created:

They have created racial conflict.

They have turned people of the world against one another, divided by country.

They have turned people against imaginary terrorists. The people of the NWO are the big time terrorists.

They have created artificial left-right political conflicts, while the political "leaders" in the so-called conflict are on the same side.

So, there is need for peace worldwide politically, and spirtually, and peace between the sexes is an integral part of that.Internal peace is required to bring world peace, and if one is in a state of confusion and conflict with the opposite sex, how can one be at peace internally?It is interesting to note that the food the "elite" eat is mostly healthy, while the food and water they want the general population to consume is poisoned. Likewise, their lives are not infected by the disease of feminism which they promote for others.

by looking at the number 10, 5, and 1.

The "right" of a woman over her own body is real. However, there is no right of a woman over the life of the, as yet, unborn within her.

In some areas of the world there is a legal right for the woman to murder her unborn child. In other areas, there is no such legal right.

But, ultimately, by spiritual law, there is no right for a woman to murder her child. Very often, the woman suffers emotional trauma for her whole life as a result of abortion. And, there is no spiritual right for the government to determine that the unborn should be murdered.

The most insidious parts of feminism, that which is the MOST indicative of TRUE MENTAL SICKNESS, is this blood thirst... They have NEED to murder MASSIVE NUMBERS of the unborn. MASS MURDER IS A SYMPTOM OF MENTAL ILLNESS.

Being part of a political movement to MURDER MASSES OF THE UNBORN IS MASS MURDER. The spiritual consequences -- the NEGATIVE KARMA -- of such persons is far worse than for those who are only involved individually, in their own lives.

In the United States, now with widespread understanding of the TENTH AMENDMENT of the US Constitution, States are becoming involved in implementing laws against Abortion. I predict that many of the people in these areas will free themselves, spiritually.


When a man or woman says they are a “feminist,” there is actually no way to know what they mean, unless that person explains, in great detail, what they are referring to.I am going to use a scale of 1 to 10, to approximate the most diseased minds amongst the feminists, and compare it to the least. The number 10 is the sickest of the lot, and 1 has the least problems.Starting here, with number 10:


We will describe the dream, the aspiration, of the number 10 feminist. In this scenario, all males are confined to prisons. There is no use, whatever, for the male in society other than sperm production. Males are considered dangerous and inferior to “normal” society, so that is why they remain confined.Women procreate with the gathered sperm of the males, and their sexual activity is with lesbian relationships.Women rule governments, and industry, all over the world. Supposedly, there are no wars because women are in control.

Here we will describe the approximate number 5 feminist. This group of feminists say there is no difference between men and women, other than anatomy. The "New World Order" has taken over media, and so-called "education" in the United States and elsewhere. Using that influence, they have created a pervasive cult which puts forth the idea that the only inherent difference between males and females is the anatomy:

                                               This difference consists mainly of...

                                      MALE                          FEMALE

                                        Penis -Testicles                         Vagina-Clitoris-Vulva

                                          Nipples                                            Breasts

                                          Sperm                                Internal Reproductive function

According to this false teaching, men and women are inherently the same outside of the above obvious, and other unlisted, physical functions. According to these people, the only differences outside of the above are those taught by example of the parents, and other influences. The original idea put forth was that "Women's Liberation" (feminism) would take females to a higher, and independent, level socially and economically. Instead, they have been degraded along with the males of the societies the NWO has infected.There are vast differences psychologically, and physically, between the sexes. Their brains do not function the same, and the primary hormonal functions are different. One is not better than the other. They complement each other.


The Sexual Revolution


Women's so-called "liberation" (aka feminism)

...are curses upon the people affected in certain countries.

This curse has led *normal men and women to seek mates in other countries that have not been affected. I do not feel that method is necessary (though it has often proven fruitful) because a spiritually aware person will, against all odds, find the mate of his/her dreams through the law of attraction.

The following is from...


Ginsberg was there at the first Human Be-In in San Francisco telling everyone to love one another. At Love-Ins, the hippies listened to, and experienced a different view of love and sex. We learned that sex is just another part of life like eating and sleeping. It's a completely natural way to express ourselves. We learned to overcome those fears programmed into us, and to share our bodies as easily as we share our food or our thoughts.
The sexual attitudes, in the US, during the 1950's were far too puritanical. Insisting upon virginity before marriage is ridiculous. So, there was a need for a sexual revolution. However, saying that the love we feel for everyone should be expressed by sex with nearly everyone, is also ridiculous.

There was, during the 60's, a need for a sexual revolution because before then the extreme puritanical attitude was also detrimental. However, "sharing bodies as easily as food or thoughts," is extremely destructive to society.

...the open relationship became an accepted part of the hippy lifestyle. This meant that you might have a primary relationship with one person, but if another attracted you, you could explore that relationship without rancor or jealousy.
The above is far removed from the reality of the human condition. It is true that some relationships can exist, and include so-called "free love," without "rancor or jealousy." I, myself, experienced that during the 60's when I was part of the "hippy" lifestyle. However, there is a certain type of relationship in which a feeling exists that promotes exclusivity, and it does not come about by contrived agreement. It is instinctive, and exists even when the people first meet in a certain lifetime (they knew each other in former lifetimes). In that, deep hurt and jealousy is unavoidable if there is a sharing of a body with others outside the exclusive relationship.

The so-called "spiritually advanced" hippy will tell you that the "human condition" is transcended by a spiritual oneness, and that promotes sharing. I believe in sharing of food, money, and love. And, there are rich people who agree with me who are very charitable, but they do not give away everything. They give what they can afford, and I'm referring, here, mainly to money. They feel, and give, love by sharing what they have both of material goods, and knowledge. Some, like Tony Robbins (a multi-millionaire), give their time so that other people can have a happy life. They earn money during their endeavors, but it is far less than they would obtain if they used that time, exclusively, for their own financial gain.

When I refer to giving of money, and time, I'm using that as an analogy for the giving of one's wife or husband, all the clothes one owns, or sharing one's house. There is no need to share one's house. There are many people in this world who, if you shared your house with them, they would bring you misery. Those people without a place to sleep need to learn how to make changes, so they have a roof over their heads. They may need temporary financial help. The people of this planet, no matter how far advanced spiritually they are, have possessions. They are entitled keep them. Many have earned those possessions. They live in a certain country that they call their own. There is nothing sinful, or selfish, about borders.

When a person breaks into a home, and there is a threat to the family, every man and woman has a natural right to protect themselves, and their family, with deadly force. No spiritual advancement denies that right. In fact, the man or woman who would not protect their family can only be considered to be entirely lacking in spiritual awareness.

So, the extremes of a "New Age" or "Hippy" dream is not a reality. It is a fantasy, and it has brought much havoc to certain people of the planet.

We only love everyone in spirit, not necessarily with our physical bodies with full sexual contact, or by giving everything away.

We do not, in peace and emotional health, share our bodies as easily as our thoughts, or food. We do not share our last crumb of bread, or our house, with anyone who asks.

More on the distortion of various cultures in the world, through this sickness. This will show you examples of the cultures in the world that are healthy


What is normal?

Normal is what humans are, independent of what anyone else tells them they are. Normal is what we are born with, what we came into this physical world with. Both men and women in the U.S. are in need of real liberation, which will promote harmony and inner peace. They need to be liberated from the ideas presented by media, education and stupid parents, all of which has produced dysfunctional families, and far too many single parent homes in the U.S. and elsewhere. Before "women's liberation" (feminism) had ever been thought of in the U.S., women were generally respected by men. Now, women are expected to provide sexual intercourse, no matter how casual the encounter. If the woman does not submit, often enough rape is considered to be normal. Rape was not nearly as prevelant before feminism's popularity. Today, men actually say irrational things like, "...if women will submit, there won't be a need to rape them. It's their fault."

Women have not been liberated, they have become enslaved.

Duke University shows an example of today's sexual mores:

Cruel Hoax Henry Makow - page 106:

Whatever sex goes on, the girls say, is done in the context of the "hookup" which describes anything from making out to full-on intercourse.  Much to the disappointment of many students, female and male, there's no real dating scene at Duke - true for a lot of colleges. "I've never been asked out on a date in my entire life - not once," says one stunning brunette. "Nor has a guy ever bought me a drink. I think that if anybody ever did that, I would ask him if he were on drugs," she says.Rather, there's the casual one-night stand...In the past, the requirement of courtship and marriage for sex actually empowered women... Now, all young women are like scabs. They perform and get nothing in return. The market has collapsed. The girls are desperate.


Within the context of sexual intercourse at the first meeting, long lasting and very successful marriages have resulted. Formal, old fashioned, courtship is not always necessary to bring that about. Though not absolutely necessary in every instance, it is more conducive to long term relationships.I am not saying that marriage should be a prerequisite for sex, nor should there be a specific time period of acquaintance, or number of encounters, before sex. I am referring to emotional-spiritual connection and intent. Women do not have to be virgins before becoming happily married.Before women's "liberation" (feminism) women were treated with great respect, great admiration, great love. They were cherished, protected, and often treated like queens by their husbands. If a woman was raped, usually their husband or brother would not tolerate it. People were afraid to rape a woman.During the 1950's in the U.S. the money earned by a husband, on average, could take care of his wife, and children. Now, the average husband cannot provide for his family without the woman working also.  So, the power structure, by creating, and sustaining, the myth of  "women's liberation" (feminism) has further enslaved both men and women. Further, the power structure has caused children to be brought up in unhealthy environments without nearly the contact needed from both father and mother.I'm not saying that women must not, or should not, work in outside-the-home endeavors. I'm saying it should not be at the expense of their family life. Preferably, a woman can be self-employed, so that hours may be flexible.
Men crave power, and respect, from a woman.

Women want love - to be valuable to a man - cherished - protected.

Cruel Hoax       Henry Makow Page 122
A man cannot love if he does not have power. He expresses his love by exercising his power. Women take away male power and wonder why they aren't loved.

Leadership from a man is natural, but it must come about smoothly. It must be welcomed by a woman.When women mistreat men, compete with them, and constantly fight them, that is unnatural, and both men and women cannot be at peace with it. Brainwashed men who put up with it are very unhappy. A woman in total control of a man is an unhappy one. She may feel some temporary rush of power, but it soon turns to deep depression, because it's unnatural for her. It's normal for a woman to persuade a man, to debate, but not to control through intimidation or manipulation.

Cruel Hoax           Henry Makow Page 124:

If a woman says, "Are you man enough for me?" or "I'm High Maintenance," decline the challenge. Men are not designed to fight women. Marriage is about two people becoming one and that only happens when a woman surrenders her will to a man in exchange for love.In a book written by a woman, Marie N. Robinson, MD in 1958, The Power Of Sexual Surrender, it is shown how for a woman to have sexual fulfillment, she must surrender emotionally. All this seeking of many sexual encounters just brings more frustration, and not any real satisfaction for a woman. She can only truly surrender to one man. Dr. Robinson noted that frigid women universally adopt the feminist view.

Cruel Hoax         Henry Makow Page 131:

[From Dr. Robinson:]

This view, that men exploit woman, and a career as a wife and mother is demeaning creates an "emotional logjam" which obstructs sexual response and psychological development.


On the scale of feminism, from 1 to 10, explained above, the above paragraph description is probably about a number 1. We can readily see that true sexual surrender, and fulfillment, for a woman involves trust, the opposite of the idea that being a wife and mother is supposedly demeaning.  The lack of trust, and emotional surrender, that occurs because a woman is a feminist is one of many types of abnormality that indicates feminism, in it’s various forms, is a mental illness.

But, what of absolute and complete domination of women, by men?

What of threats, intimidation, and violence from men?  It, too, is not a healthy environment, and no woman should tolerate it.

Much has been said about men pursuing women in a courtship situation. Going back centuries, some women were told to play hard to get by their fathers and mothers. A man had to prove something to a woman by his actions, and persistence. There's been talk of women getting hurt by trusting men too much, and that gave them an excuse for requiring greater proof from the man of his love. Some of this works some of the time. Appropriate or not, it depends on the situation.

Some women have even put a man in mortal danger, just so he is placed in a position of having to prove his willingness to risk his life for her sake. A man who truly loves a woman will risk his life for her, but only if it's necessary. If he has been placed in that position by a woman to prove something to her, then loving such a woman is the emotion of a fool. A really aware, spiritually alive, and strong woman will know if a man is serious.

With soulmates, the two have decided to invest their entire lives together weeks after their first meeting, and often their relationships were very successful in the long run. Calling the man on the telephone is not wrong, or out of character, for a woman. Taking the initiative in sexuality is not necessarily wrong, or out-of-place. Centuries ago, in many parts of the world, very young women (by today's standards) were often enough happily married to the proper mate because of a number of methods, including the decision of the father.




What is a Hippie?

I will start off by stating that I am friends with a man and woman couple in their 20's who live in the Huerfano County area. They have a young child. They describe themselves as "hippies." They understand, and value, the US Constitution, and they insist upon their right to gun ownership. They are, in my experience, an exception to what I've seen of present day "hippies" who are mostly not family oriented, hate the US Constitution (actually consider it fascist, and written by evil people) and are afraid of guns in the hands of ordinary citizens. They believe there are too many people, and that global warming is about to destroy the earth.

The above description of present day "hippies" is, of course, very different than the "hippies" I was connected with about 50 years ago.

What was a hippie about 50 years ago, and what is one now? To begin, a feminist was not a hippie, and a hippie was not a feminist. Today, the categories are, more or less, merging.

A hippy 50 years ago, was typically NON political. They adhered to nothing political. They didn't believe in the UN. They didn't believe in anything except anti-war, anti enviornmental polution, and freedom to do something like swim naked and smoke pot. Today's hippy is, typically, involved in EXTREME left wing politics. They are EXTEMELY radical.

Of course, even today not every feminist is a hippie, and not every hippie is a feminist. But, as time has passed, more of the hippies have come to consider themselves feminists, both male and female. Yes, there are men feminists. Some call them "manginas." I used to be one. I lived with a woman for a number of years who was a feminist, and I was one also. I almost, completely, believed we were so much the same. Men and women are not the same, and that belief of sameness often ruins relationships between men and women, because it is unrealistic.

Men are, if they are normal, predominantly masculine, and women are predominantly feminine. I won't go into more detail on what masculinity or feminity is. Research it.

There are, of course, all sorts of hippies. It is a very difficult to define the term. They usually share certain attributes, but not always, so when one writes about such people it has to be understood this is not a close knit class of people. They don't have a "bible" to dictate what beliefs, or what habits, they have. This is true of the hippie 50 years ago, and today.

The following will give you an overview of hippies, from their beginnings, to now. I am not saying it's all true. I didn't write it.


On Friday July 26, 2013 I went to the "Hippie Days" in Gardner Colorado. I asked questions of a number of people attending. Obviously, such a small number of people being questioned does not give a clear picture of what hippies believe. Not everyone who comes to such an event considers themself to be a hippie. At this event I did not see too many people from the local hippie community. There were many from out of the area. When I came there in 2010, more of the vendors were from the local hippie community.

My experience over the years living near Gardner has shown me that a good number of hippies in this area are Marxists, have a fervent allegience to the United Nations and very little to the United States. They believe in a centralized US Government, and they have no understanding of State, or County, rights independent of that central government. They do not believe in private ownership of firearms. Many of them believe in global warming, and are environmental fanatics who fret at the excessive use of paper (the trees, save the trees!) and overpopulation (which is a belief in scarcity, as if there were not enough space, or resources, to support the people of the earth). They are usually strict feminists. Of course, that is my limited experience, and a scientific poll would be necessary to prove what I am writing here.

Generally, whether in the past, or present, a hippie is too often a poor person. They believe that a desire for wealth is greed. For that reason many of them have little, or no, wealth. The fact is there is enough wealth in the world for everyone, and belief in scarcity is, to a great extent, what has made so many poor.  One person's wealth does not always take from that of another.

Of course, there are some very greedy people in the world who want it all, and they want complete power over everyone. They are the New World Order.

So, what did these people in the pictures below have to say?

She believes that global warming is really bad.

She says that there are two sides of the Global Warming issue. The amount of carbon has not always been shown to increase global warming.

She says Obama has not had enough time to make the necessary changes for the good of the American people.

She is from out of the Huerfano County area.

He says that Obama is as bad as the president before him. All the same things are happening. He is
from the Huerfano County Area, but is new here.

He is originally from New York, has lived in Huerfano County for a long time, and believes the reason for the threats of gun control is to cause people to buy more guns, and the one's who have the motive for that which is earning more profits, are those who manufacture them. According to him, Federal Law trumps State law, and proof of that fact are the events during the 60's civil rights battles, when the federal government took charge.
According to him, a person who places cameras in his car, and has bullet proof glass because of police, is paranoid, and ideas which are different from what the news put out about the events of September 11, 2001, are "conspiracy theories."